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Laboratory products

LABTREND for glucose and lactate

Flexible Analyzer for laboratories of any scale

The ideal glucose and lactate analyzer for any facility at any sample number.

Quality, Flexibility and Efficiency

Based on the high quality of the BST multi-way biosensors the new and unique laboratory analyzer LABTREND works with interchangeable sample racks, meaning from one up to endless samples could be measured (in succession) in the same analyzer. Thus, the analyzer can be adjusted easily to the daily demand of any hospital.

Simple handling

The LABTREND allows a simple pre-handling of the samples, as the samples can be prepared easily within the sample tray. Even the disposal of used samples is trouble-free, as they can just be tipped out of the sample tray. Convince yourself of the uncomplicated handling of the laboratory analyzer in our product video.

Technical Data

Measuring principleEnzymatic - amperometric
SensorBST Thick film biosensor
Measuring range Glucose 0.5 - 50.0 mmol/l (9 - 900 mg/dl) and Lactate 0.5 - 40.0 mmol/l (4.5 - 360 mg/dl)
PrecisionCV approx. 1.5 % at 12 mmol/l glucose or lactate (n=20)
Stability/driftApprox. 3 % at 12 mmol/l glucose or lactate (n=20)
Sensor lifetimeGlucose approx. 60 days or 8000 tests,
Lactate approx. 60 days or 6.500 tests
Sample materialBlood, plasma, serum
Preanalytical stepsDilution 1+ 50
Sample volume10 _6;l or 20 _6;l
Sample rack20 samples (or 19 + 1 STAT test) per rack
Control rack1 calibration solution + 3 control solutions
Reaction cups1,5 ml or 2,0 ml
Operating temperature +15°C to +35°C
Storage temperature-20°C to +70°C (without Sensor)
Humidity20 % - 95 %
Calibration modeAutomatically before each rack
DisplayColour touch screen
PrinterIntegrated thermal printer
LanguagesEnglish and German, others upon request
External connectionRS 232
Internal memory600 results (first in - first out)
Size (L x W x H)Approx. 28 x 46 x 17 cm
WeightApprox. 6 kg
Mains power230 V - 50/60 Hz using 12 V external power adapter
Power consumptionMax. 30 VA

Consumables for LABTREND

  • BST-Multiway-Biosensor
    Glucose: Art-No.: 160 000000
    Lactate: Art-No.: 180 000000
  • BST systemic solution, Art-No.: 06 000500
    BST calibration solution glucose, Art-No.: 32 000050
    BST calibration solution lactate, Art-No.: 46 000050
  • End-to-end capillaries, Art-No.: 14 000000
    Reagent cups, Art-No.: 16 001000

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