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Diabetes Kongress 2017


Der diesjährige Diabetes Kongress findet vom 24....


Diabetes Convention 2016


Also in 2016 BST will be represented at the...



100 000000Dickschichtsensor BST2-WE-C001, RE-Ag/AgCl
120 000000Dickschichtsensor BST3-WE-Pt, CE-Pt, RE-Ag/AgCl
121 000000Thick film sensor BST3-WE-Au, CE-Pt, RE-Ag/AgCI
122 000000Thick film sensor BST3-WE-C001, CE-Pt, RE-Ag/AgCi
154 000000Thick film sensor BST2-WE-Au, RE-Ag/AgCI
1410 000000Flow cell for thick film electrodes, BST2 (two electrode system)
1411 000000Flow cell for thick film electrodes, BST3 (two electrode system)
Adaptation of both dimension and substrate material is possible upon customer request.
Please choose a accessory for more information.

Basic thick film sensors

Modular flow-cells for general application